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Sunny Day in Denver Colorado, United States. Downtown Denver City Skyline and the Blue Sky
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Scoot Mortgage is one of the top mortgage lenders in Denver & surrounding Colorado locations. We have helped & closed 100's of loans for qualified borrowers in Colorado. Our Loan Advisors in the area work with dozens of real estate agents making the process as smooth as possible for our clients. Denver & Colorado as a whole has a unique real estate market, making it one of the best areas in the US to buy a home. We offer FHA, Conventional, VA, USDA loan solutions as well as investment property loans such as DSCR, bank statement & 1099 income. Find out why we are Colorado's best mortgage brokerage company.

Our Loan Options

FHA - Conventional - VA - USDA - Investor Loans


David Lopez 
Senior Mortgage Advisor

Andessy Brown
Senior Mortgage Advisor


Our goal is to provide home loans to our clients in the most efficient & cost-effective manner possible.

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