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Questions We Want You to Ask

  • Why does Scoot Mortgage advertise low rates?
    The #1 reason for having the low rates is because we like people and want to help our deserving customers for years to come. One of the challenges we face for earning repeat and referral business is having too high of rates. We never want our rates to be the reason why you use a different lender. Everyone should have access to the most competitive rates on a given day, therefore, we are committed to maintaining this principle with all our products. This is our guarantee to our beloved customers, and we hope to serve you and your friends and family for many years to come.
  • How do we guarantee low rates?
    The way we guarantee low rates is by leveraging competition, experience, and technology. This is a great challenge and one we embrace. By making low rates a core value, we are committing ourselves to a goal that demands our very best. The more efficient we become, the more effective our team works, the less we need to charge. This is the Walmart way. Not all lenders are created equal, but through our proven methods we are confident we can consistently deliver on this formula and reward our clients with the very best rates.
  • When is the right time to buy a home?
    The right time to buy a home is when the numbers make sense. Most lenders can approve you for a loan payment that is more than you can handle. The solution to this dilemma is the budget. We encourage each family to build and own their housing budget. Many factors are included when we approve borrowers for a home loan, but none of our tools consider lifestyle. This aspect needs to be owned and factored in by the client. Just because all your friends are buying a home does not mean you have to buy a home. We are advocates of owning real estate, but we are bigger fans of wise financial decisions. Buying a home should be a blessing, not a headache. Work with one of our Mortgage Loan Advisor to determine the right time to buy for you.
  • When should I refinance my current loan?
    There are many reasons to refinance your current mortgage, but if we were to have a top pick, we would say “when the numbers make sense.” On the surface this answer seems like an obvious answer, but in reality it is not so simple. Just because you can lower your rate, does not mean exchanging your current loan for a new one is the right decision. Many factors must be considered before taking this decisive action. Here are a few other things that must be considered before your next refinance: What is your loan amount? How long have you had it? Have you been making extra payments? What are you long term goals with your home? These and more must be considered prior to pulling the trigger on a new loan. Make sure you ask one of our Mortgage Loan Advisors if refinancing is right for you.
  • What is the fastest way to pay off my loan?
    The fastest way to pay off your loan is to make extra payments towards the principle. This can be done in many ways. Here are a few to consider: (1) paying a little extra each month…$50, $100 or more; (2) Make one extra payment a year; or (3) Make a large lumps sums on your next bonus. No matter which method you chose, understand all extra principle payments are applied the same way and help reduce the number of payments on the life of your loan. For example, if you paid $100 extra each month against your $400,000 loan, you would shave 31 payment off the life of your loan. That turns a 30-year loan into a 27.5-year loan. Our Mortgage Loan Advisors are available to create a custom Pay Off Strategy unique to your situation.
  • Is Scoot Mortgage able to close my purchase loan on time?
    The best way to hit our deadlines and close on time is to have a plan and work together. When you buy a home, many people are involved. There is a buyer’s agent, a seller’s agent, a loan officer, a processor, an underwriter, a closing agent, an appraiser, an inspector, a termite company….. The list goes on and on. This is very different than a refinance, therefore, we must stick to a plan and everyone must do their part. If we start strong, we usually finish strong. Most of our heavy lifting, if done right, happens during the pre-approval process. In some cases, an underwriter is needed to review files to determine the likelihood of approval. The worst thing for any purchase transaction is to have problems with your loan at the very end. Most of these challenges can be resolved by being extra thorough upfront. Our Mortgage Loan Advisors are trained to identify and avoid these needless pitfalls that threaten your next purchase.
  • What makes a good Mortgage Loan Advisor?
    We believe a good Mortgage Loan Advisor (MLA) consists of, but is not limited to, great character and seasoned competence. We start with character because character is hard to teach. We can hold people accountable, but there are too many unseen activities that go unseen. Given our responsibilities, we need to make sure each member of our team can be trust with our clients, therefore, we go to great length to ensure each member is carefully selected, so the level of care each customer is received in a praise worthy way. As for competence, this is a minimum prerequisite. We love our MLA’s to be experienced and versed in our industry. In addition, we encourage them to be investors on their own. This level of competence combined with great character is the foundation for the positive experience we desire to provide every customer that puts their trust in us.
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